Things to know about Percussion Massage Gun

We love different physical exercise routines, and we stick to endurance training during workouts. The entire time that we are exercising, it is my objective to increase the toughness and effectiveness of my exercise. The tools I add into the workout typically increase the intensity as well as the efficiency of the whole process. For the people like me, who are more into fitness training and stuff, it is better to consider all the aspects no matter if it’s the pre or post workout period. Searching for a better way to perform the exercises needs significant attention. You have to choose the product that perfectly suits you and your body type. Before working out, a good full-body warm-up helps you prevent the onset of any future burnout or workout injury. Now, the world is giving equal importance to the workout tools as well as the remedies if something goes wrong. 

Here, I want to cite my own experience. Recently, I came back from a vacation that lasted 2 months. Being always into the gym, it was a huge gap for me, but I decided to cover it back. The very next day I got to the gym and started the workout at the same intensity despite going from scratch. My body did not feel anything but as soon as I got home, I felt my movement restricted. The aches and struggles in body movement were just unbearable. As time passed the situation got worse. I have been experiencing such types of body aches from the day I started the gym, but this was exhausting like never before. It was an extreme accumulation of lactic acid, largely in the lower body parts. 

This time, I decided not to just lay in the bed to recover and compromise my productivity but to search for something that can reduce the issue in minimum time. While researching about the products and receiving various recommendations from the people, I got my eyes on a Percussion Massage Gun. It claimed to decompose all the accumulated lactic acid in the body. That seemed need of the hour! After going through all the specifications, details and reviews, I hoped for the best and ordered one for myself. 

different massage gun heads


A few days after that, I received my parcel. One thing worth mentioning is that it was a very well-packed parcel, especially focused to maintain the product’s supremacy and strength. Once I opened it up, the first thing that caught my eyes was the outer packaging. With a single touch, everything felt premium. The focus of the manufacturer on minor details was so fascinating that I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. Pulled the massage gun out and in a single touch, I could tell that this time for me, the online shopping was not a disaster. The matt black color of the massage gun was for sure a treat to the eyes. 

The first step, CHECK! Now, the thing I was concerned about was that whether it is going to work or not. Will it be able to function properly for the purpose I bought it for? Keeping all the questions in mind, I started it from the single button it had. The three-speed gears worked for different purposes. The 1st gear (2000 rpm) was claimed to relax the fascia. The 2nd one (2500 rpm) focused mainly on breaking down lactic acid. The 3rd and the last one (3200 rpm) was designed to deliver a professional-grade massage most conveniently. 

Next, there were 6 different types of massage heads, each targeted to act on a specific body part with different vibration penetration strength.

The Defining Moment

I set my massage gun at the 2nd gear as the very first motive was to get rid of the cramps. As soon as the percussion massage gun came in contact with the affected area, intense waves felt across the body. It was surprisingly efficient as my whole body was feeling the throbbing waves. After 15 minutes of massaging, I felt easy mobility in my legs. The pain reduced considerably, and I could feel the relaxation of my muscles. I knew it was working! 

Important Highlights of Pocket Massage Gun

The compact design of the massage gun gets a five star as it is easy to carry along when traveling or going to the gym. The long battery life provides the service for several days depending upon the frequency of use. 

Six head types including ball, Y-type, mushroom, flat, conical and disk heads when merged with 3 vibration speed gears give your body the relaxation it deserves. Also, different speed levels with different head types revive different body parts. For instance, the conical head is designed for the hard body surfaces such as plantar, joints, etc., where percussive movements do not reach easily. Similarly, the Y-Type head works ideally on the neck and spinal area on the back. 

The brushless motors in the Pain Relief Muscle Massager perform a better function by preventing friction and heat release. The motors are designed to significantly lower the vibration noise by 45 dB so that the overall mind relaxation is not compromised. 

Percussion vs. Vibration

Both of the terms are similar yet a bit different. The thing that differentiates between both is the intensity of the moving device. You may have experienced the simple vibrations featuring the to-&-fro or back-&-forth oscillations. You can easily find such type of movement in any normal vibrating massager.

On the other hand, percussion is a very deep sense of mechanical oscillations, where a typical vibration can’t reach. The movement pattern is similar to that in vibrations but the intensity is way deeper. It has the ability to target a specific region or can stimulate a specific muscle in the body to make it contract and relax.


Summarizing the things, if you are the one who tends to suffer more from body aches and physical concerns due to any possible reason, WBM Body Muscle Massager is the thing for you to consider. In my whole usage span of Pain Relief Muscle Massager, not a single thing I found questionable. This is barely uncommon for me to state a product perfect for all, but this device deserves the tag! The manufacturer has focused every little detail to make it stand out in all the available options. The WBM Smart Massage Gun shows distinction both in expediency and proficiency.

Deep Tissue Percussion Gun


I personally urge you to get this percussion massager and invest in a good place without any doubt.

Where can you find the WBM Smart Portable Massage Gun?

Explore the latest smart home devices offered by WBM Smart on its official website and and get your Portable Massage Gun form there. A 100% money-back guarantee is assured. Check out the latest offers and discounts and do not miss the opportunity.