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Thanks for checking on our website. By using WBM, you agree to the following terms otherwise, without agreeing to the terms and conditions, you cannot access the services. 

These Terms & Conditions are a binding contract between WBM Smart and you. Please read the instructions about how to use the website, products, mobile applications and services. 

  1. License to Access 

WBM Smart and its licensors own the rights to all the products on All the intellectuals and copyrights are reserved. No user is authorized to use any graphic information, material and text on the website. does not authorize its users to hyperlink the website or the materials that belong to the WBM Smart website. You warrant and agree that you do not contribute to the user submission otherwise, the users interact with the services like: 

  • Violates the rights of use and other rights including WBM Smart 
  • You must re-publish material from the website
  • Violates the regulations or laws
  • Services use is threatening, harmful, defaming, or objectionable 
  • Threatens the security of the WBM Smart website or the security of anyone else 
  1. Reservation Rights 

You promise to abide by the rules, restrictions and information regarding products or content that you access through the website and you will not modify, reproduce, publish, translate, upload, distribute or perform, license, or display any of the website content. You should understand that WBM Smart owns the services. 

  1. Copyrights and Trademarks 

All the content available or is included on the WBM Smart website such as the graphics, text, services name, content and logos are the trademarks and copyrights of WBM Smart. WBM Smart trademarks cannot be used in any manner that confuses the services or the products. All the content suppliers including the content, graphics, logos, information and software are internationally protected by copyrights laws. 

  1. Communication with WBM Smart 

You can communicate with us through a phone call, email, social media, or customer care support. WBM Smart has new innovative and smart technology products with competitive prices with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can post comments, reviews, videos and pictures, or other content for communication as long the content is not illegal or injurious to third-party businesses. Do not use false email addresses, mislead the information or impersonate the entity or person. WBM Smart reserves all the rights to remove illegal or other content that is not properly reviewed. To avoid any kind of misleading information or fraud alerts with debit or credit cards, we verify the personal information and the payment details shared with us. 

  1. Product Descriptions 

WBM Smart attempts to be accurate as possible. We ensure that the content and statements on the WBM Smart services are reliable, complete, error-free and accurate. If you have any concern that the product is not delivered in its proper condition, you have the right to return the product. 

  1. Refunds and Returns

WBM Smart takes the title to the returned products until the products are returned to the fulfillment center. For more information about the refunds and returns, please see our Return and Refund Policy. 

  1. Pricing 

Prices of the products listed are provided by the manufacturer. We are firm to provide you with accurate information on our website. At the checkout, you need to agree to the following terms and conditions, pay the shipping charges and the product prices. We regularly keep a check on the updated prices of the smart products. Concerning the items sold on WBM Smart, we do not charge money until your order gets confirmed. If the product is sold at a higher price compared to others, you own the right to cancel your order. 

  1. Limitations of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranties 

All the services and the information, materials, content, products and other services are made available through the WBM Smart services that are provided to you. WBM Smart makes no warranty or representation regarding the quality, reliability, suitability, timeliness, or availability of the products or services and keeps it error-free. By using the WBM Smart website, you agree to the applicable federal law without any conflict of laws.

  1. Contact Information 

Feedbacks, customer reviews, suggestions and queries are always welcomed. Through feedbacks, we can enhance our performance and services. Recommendations, reviews and complaints are embraced wholeheartedly. Contact us through email for your queries and other information regarding the smart products. 





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