About WBM Smart

WBM Smart is Globally based on the IOT for smart technology products. With a complete solution for home automation by creating the smart devices on our own and even taking care of the smallest details of the projects. We create smart technology that improves human life on the earth to a different level. We as a brand liked going to the new innovative designs through the smart technology with our experts to build wonderful consumer electronic products for your home, creating a linkage to the smart technology. With big ambitions about the latest innovative technology and a growing sense of addressing the challenges of the world through the recent developments in smart technology that no one can tackle.


We are inspired in:

  • Driving innovations in smart technology to make the world smarter, healthier and a safer place for the living with the award-winning designs
  • Harnessing the global reach for better business, society and the planet

WBM Smart is developed, produced and entirely designed in the US, providing a complete solution for home and building automation. In a few years, we have settled ourselves globally in different continents to become one of the most wireless and advanced smart systems for homes.

Thanks to research & development through which we create reliable and advanced tech devices to simplify human lives, taking care of their peace of mind. WBM Smart keeps driving edge technology to create smart and simple design products to make life better. Introducing the real meaning of smart technology globally, we step into the smart living home environment for future generations. To achieve this, WBM Smart sets a high value on the latest technology and people.

Delivering complete Smart Solutions, adapting perfectly according to the needs of people both inside and outside their home and building. With powerful production lines, we deliver complete solutions acclaimed by manufacturers that are dedicated to smart home appliances. Regardless of what we are doing, WBM Smart takes complete responsibility for the quality of the smart products which we deliver and knows that whatever we are delivering is the complete solution for the users. Providing cost-effective and superior-quality home automation services to make your home secure, smart and unique!

wbm smart home

We work together for a completely safer, simpler and smarter WBM Smart application with the Alexa and Google Home voice controls, making it easy for you to manage and monitor everything in your homes. No worries whether you are outside your home, with the simple Google Home and Alexa commands, you can control the devices from anywhere. WBM Smart application communicates with all parts of your home whether you are in your bedroom, or your kitchen, or in the bathroom to keep a check on your child, this application is going to communicate with you in one place making you understand that what is going on in your home to make consumers attractive to such smart designs.

Make your home powered by WBM Smart that provides customers with a high-quality life experience by controlling the smart designs in real-time through remote and local timing. With the customized functions and a variety of scenario modes, create a comfortable, safe and convenient living space. With a special focus on R & D, manufacturing of the smart devices, latest technology innovations provide a complete solution including home automation, lighting control, home security, energy-saving and wireless control appliances for smarter living.

Smart Home IOT Segments for your Home!


The IOT-driven smart security systems provide a complete inside of your home. Motion sensors, smoke alarms, smart door locks and security cameras with many other gadgets notify you in seconds when something goes out of the manner. Optimize your living space with WBM Smart products giving the maximum ability to the users globally making their life safer, smarter and convenient. Subtly transforming your living rooms into elevated and smarter spaces makes it more relaxing for you including the UV and table lamps, air purifiers, smart wi-fi sockets and other smart devices for the perfect living spaces. Adding innovative technology to your bedrooms and kids’ bedrooms for a comfortable night’s sleep like the smart plugs, smart display and LED light bulbs. Make your bathrooms safer and healthier by the innovative technology taking control of your smart devices in bathrooms like the soap dispensers, disinfectant water generators and many other gadgets. Smart technology for kitchen appliances removes the dreary routines and makes them easier to use. Apply “Work Smarter, Not Harder” to deal with the kitchen chores using a thermal cooker, coffee maker, faucet tap water filter and other kitchen appliances. The recent innovations in smart devices give a healthier lifestyle to your babies that include baby food processors, kid toothbrushes, sleeping pads for babies and other smart devices for your baby’s comfort. Experience complete Smart Home Solution for your Future Home by shaping globally through the latest innovation and artificial intelligence!





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