Privacy Policy

For more than 25 years, WBM Smart has committed to providing quality products concerning security and privacy. We respect the privacy of the user’s information and prevent the unauthorized disclosure or access of personal information. This policy describes the practices and policies of personal information. 

WBM Smart is the brand of WBM International that has an extensive range of smart design award-winning electronic appliances to make your life smarter. 

This privacy policy includes how we collect and process the information through the site and mobile applications. We update our policy to comply with the security and privacy laws.

  1. Information we collect from you 

For providing you the best experience about our services and products, we may collect information from you including both the non-personal and personal information. Personal information is collected for identifying the background of the customers. We endeavor to protect the personal information provided by you. You can protect your personal information by creating a strong password that makes it easy for you to access your account. 

Voluntarily Information 

When you start using the WBM Smart website and services, you can register by creating an account on the WBM Smart App by providing your personal information. This personal information includes name, phone number, email address, login credentials and user name for sign in. All your personal information is protected as stated in our policy. 

Passive Information 

Certain passive information is collected that is not only limited about how you use our products and services. 

  • Device information is collected when your system interacts with our platform through the hardware. We collect the devices ID numbers, IP address, Mac address, operating system versions, wireless collection information and information about the type of mobile networks
  • With every sign in on our website, we collect information about the messages, clicks, downloads, visits and other usages of the services and site
  • Information regarding your location is collected from where the customers are interacting with the services and sites 
  1. Why Information is collected from you? 

The purpose of the information collected from you is as follows:

  • Personal information is needed to provide you with our services. Account information, device information, data usage, smart device-related information and geo-location information provide a legal basis for the services 
  • Information provided will help us improve the website services including the device information, smart device data, location and usage patterns
  • Personal data information manages and creates your account on the WBM Smart site
  • Information is necessary to answer your queries, accomplish your support requests and provide you with subscriptions 
  • Data is collected for the marketing purposes of the smart products so, you can opt to communicate with us through
  1. Information Disclosure 

We collect the personal data information from you to send emails and notifications, operate the site services, communicate information, display advertisements for marketing purposes, serve better to our customers and partners, enforcing the legal terms, conditions by the legal government authorities. 


  1. Transfer of Information 

Information is sometimes transferred from including the personal, data and geo-location information other than where you live. The purpose is to facilitate business strategies in different regions. We comply with the data protection laws by both the local and the international bodies. 

  1. Rights of using Personal Information 

We do provide you the rights if you wish to delete personal information from the site. Get in touch with us through email at Where ever, it is possible to delete the personal information, we will do it at your request. 

  1. Data Security 

Data privacy is important, therefore we work to keep your personal information and data secured. We monitor both the procedural and the technical measures and conduct audits on-site, data access and encryptions for securing your data. In case, you feel there are some issues, contact us immediately. 

  1. Data Retention

How long do we keep the information with us? We keep the information with us as long as you stay with us while using our services. If you feel to remove your personal information, get in touch with us through email at

  1. Third-Party Information 

In case, you get access to the 3rd party, the information transferred to them will not be our responsibility. This is your responsibility to not provide your personal information. In other cases, see our privacy policy to get information about it. 

  1. Compliance under EU GDPR Act

Under this section, information is provided to comply with the EU GDPR Act. This act applies to all users located in the EU or other jurisdictions. Under the act, data collection and its processing are necessary to interact with the channels to protect the rights. 

Under the act, you have the right to access the information. You can request us to provide a copy of the personal information to you and other details. 

If you feel, you can let us know to erase the information to serve you better than before. This information includes all the data and personal information. 

You have the right to restrict or block the information in some circumstances. You can request the data portability in a structured readable format, we provide the data in CSV format within 3 working days after you request the information. 

You got the rights to object or stop the processing of your personal data information on your request. You can request us to provide data to the 3rd parties for direct purposes. For all the information rights, follow up at

  1. Get in touch with us 

For your queries, concerns and questions about the privacy policy, get in touch with us through email at


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