Our Trading Partners

Become Partner of WBM Smart

We always look forward to collaborating and support with trading partners in the world with a vision to expand our network and to access the customers efficiently.

Work together and move towards the new horizons of life! 


With the growing advancements and innovations in smart technology, we commit to broadening our access to the customers proficiently by providing them with award-winning smart innovative products including home appliances, kitchen appliances, lighting, security and wellness for both commercial and personal use. 

We strive to expand the services and grow our network with the trading partners for a smart living experience with smart products. 

“Connect with the trading partners to get the Global Smart Technology Innovative Products” 

Diversified award-winning technology products manufactured by WBM Smart are available on the sites of trading partners that have brought convenience to live your life with a smart home. 

An American International company focusing on e-commerce, digital streaming, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.


The world’s largest online marketplace that showcases a wide variety of products. Amazon offers international shipping of products to different parts of the world. Amazon features WBM Smart technology products to connect people to smart home possibilities. When working with Amazon, we work towards a smarter future that is more innovative, integrated and impactful. Award-winning smart design appliances for both commercial and home use are available at the biggest trading partner Amazon.

Walmart is another international American trading partner of WBM Smart that features award-winning designs of smart products on their online store.


Multinational retail cooperation that operates grocery stores, hypermarkets and discount stores in the US. WBM Smart has featured different smart home solutions on Walmart, making your life smarter with a secure, flexible and reliable solution for the home. Smart products with innovative technology on Walmart achieve the true interconnection of smart products.

WBM Smart partners with Carrefour, a French multinational retail corporation in France. They operate a chain of grocery stores, convenience stores and hypermarkets that feature WBM Smart designs.

Enjoy the priority to exhibit your smart design products in the top-level exhibitors including Carrefour. Carrefour includes different brands including the WBM Smart brand that are sold in different regions of the world like America, China and Europe.

WBM Smart has Kroger as its trading partner, an American company. The largest US supermarket generates the largest revenue.

 We have shared WBM Smart lighting products, home appliances, kitchen appliances and security products to achieve the penetration of the smart products in the global market. Aggregating with marketing links like Kroger is a mark of the interconnectivity of different smart designs across the world.

WBM Smart has partnered with Target that is an American retail corporation. The 8th largest retailer in the US expanded its stores nationwide and side by featuring smart design products in their stores. Innovative smart designs of WBM Smart appliances are powered by Target at their stores to influence the international market.


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