What To Expect This Year at CES 2022 ?
wbm smart


CES exhibition floor is about to open! Please join us on January 5th (Wednesday) at Sans Convention Center, Booth No. 53111 – Las Vegas, Nevada. The event runs through January 8th (Saturday).

CES 2022 – the most influential tech event in the world is reverting to Las Vegas this January, revealing the future of innovation, redefining the businesses, producing job opportunities and answering many of the world’s trending concerns. The event will feature around 4,400 displaying companies including more than 1200 start-up businesses in the realm of smart home solutions, artificial intelligence, newest vehicular technologies and on and on.Further, the conference program will allow the owners, delegates and pioneering intellectuals to address the most pertinent scientific concerns being faced in recent times. Once again,
WBM Smart will be making a historical shift in the world of creativity and invention. The event will run from January 5th to 8th at the cited location.

WBM Smart Home Automation Company provides a complete solution for your smart homes. With the latest technological confront at CES 2022, WBM Smart will allow the visitors to grab the ultimate opportunity of experiencing its notable versatility in products.The highly interactive showcase encounter permits visitors to submerge themselves in state-of-the-art technologies including the best smart home devices.With an aim to make your life convenient and smarter, WBM Smart Best Smart Home Devices will be available at the booth. As we enter the era of artificial intelligence, the novelty arises endlessly. WBM as a brand, tries to undergo its admirers with the most distinctive smart product designs every year that creates invisible connectivity around every corner of their house including home automation, wireless devices, sensors, smart security kits and much more. It carries a complete smart home solution for you, so you ease out your daily life chores. WBM Smart Home Devices creates a virtual link that allows one to make their spaces smarter by controlling the entire home with just a few clicks on their WBM Smart App. Smart Home appliances give notable prominence to Innovation, Research &Development, Convenience and Sustainability for the future.

Recalling the previous achievements, WBM Smart products have been catching the limelight since forever. The award-wining WBM Smart Ultra Short Throw Projection TV and Facia Massage Gun were recognized for their best space-saving and time-saving layouts. This year as well, WBM Smart intends to bring something remarkable to the table that sure will not go unnoticed. THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! Everyone has placed their gaze on WBM Smart’s this year’s breakthrough. It will be something exciting for sure!

Come and visit us at the cited venue and experience the real future of a smart home driven by artificial intelligence! Such joint events broaden the visions, arises new ideas and bring the corporate community together. They insert the passion that fuels the high-tech industry to reach the sky limits. The ideas and products venturing on the due date will instigate and change over the lives for the better.