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Himalayan Glow Selenite Crystals Wands, 2 Wands with Single Massage Stick – 3 Count

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HEALING CRYSTAL: Himalayan Glow Selenite Crystal Wand is a powerful healing tool that can be used to clear negative energy and promote a positive flow of energy in the body. 

PEACEFUL ENVIRONMENT: Selenite is a stone with peaceful and relaxing properties, useful when performing spiritual practices and meditation. It provokes self-awareness and self-reflection.

PURPOSES OF SELENITE WAND: This Selenite Wand is curved on both ends. Selenite crystal can be used for massage or as a directional energy laser for healing. White Selenite increases mental clarity and allows you to understand life's purpose.

SAFE PACKING: Selenite is a soft item and is easily scratched, bruised, and damaged. Each of our selenite spiral wands and massage wand is safely packaged in a wooden box

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Customer satisfaction is our priority. In case of any issue, we give you a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.



Experience the magic of selenite crystal wands!

Selenite crystal wands have been used for centuries for their healing properties and high energy level. This beautiful mineral is known for its ability to cleanse and protect, making it a valuable addition to any spiritual or energy healing practice. One of the most popular forms of selenite crystal is the spiral wand. The Moroccan Selenite Crystal Massage and Spiral Wands are a perfect choice for those looking to incorporate selenite into their home décor. Not only do they add an attractive accent to any space, but they also provide harmony and positive energy.

Harness the power of selenite for healing and balance!

These wands are an excellent way to soothe anxiety and strain, as the inherent properties of selenite provide a tranquil and centered sensation. You can simply hold the wand in your hand or place it near you to allow your problems to melt away. Selenite wands can be placed anywhere in your home, from bedrooms to living rooms to offices, to create a peaceful living environment that washes all the worries away from you. When used regularly, selenite wands can promote relaxation, enhance your spiritual practice, and improve your overall well-being.

Selenite crystal wands

Bring calm and clarity into your life with selenite wands!

Healing Crystals wands are made from Moroccan selenite, measuring 15cm long, and come in a package that includes two selenite spiral wands and one massage wand. They make a perfect gift for anyone interested in spiritual or energy healing practices, or for anyone who wants to create a peaceful and harmonious living space.

Here are 5 benefits of using selenite wands:

  • Promotes relaxation: Selenite wands can help soothe anxiety and stress, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Clears blocked energy: Selenite wands can be used to clear blocked energy in your body, allowing for a better flow of energy and vitality.
  • Enhances spiritual practice: Selenite wands are a powerful tool for enhancing your spiritual practice. They can help you connect with your intuition, activate higher chakras, and promote overall spiritual well-being.
  • Cleanses and protects: Selenite wands are known for their cleansing and protective properties. They can help remove negative energy from your space and protect you from psychic attacks.
  • Improves mental clarity: Selenite wands can improve mental clarity and promote a clearer state of mind. They can help you focus better, enhance your memory, and promote overall mental well-being.


crystal wand

Elevate your spiritual practice with selenite wands!

Selenite wands are highly valued in yoga and meditation practices due to their ability to promote relaxation, enhance spiritual practice, and improve mental clarity. These wands are excellent tools for those who want to deepen their meditation and yoga practices, as they can help clear energy blocks and activate higher chakras. When used in conjunction with yoga and meditation, selenite wands can promote a sense of inner peace and tranquility, allowing practitioners to better connect with their inner selves and the world around them.

Transform your space with the beauty of selenite wands!

During meditation, selenite wands can be placed on various parts of the body to help balance energy and promote a deeper sense of relaxation. This can lead to a more profound meditation experience, helping the practitioner to connect with their inner self and gain clarity of thought. In yoga, selenite wands can be used to enhance the flow of energy during poses, promoting better flexibility and balance.

Experience the gentle energy of selenite crystal wands!

Selenite wands can also be used to cleanse and protect the energy of a yoga or meditation space. Simply placing a selenite wand in the room can help remove negative energy and create a more positive environment for practice. Additionally, selenite wands can help to increase the effectiveness of manifestation and visualization practices, helping practitioners to achieve their goals and desires more quickly.

Selenite crystal wands

Unlock your inner peace with selenite crystal sticks!

Selenite wands are also useful in massaging, and they offer a range of benefits. These wands are smooth and cool to the touch, making them an ideal tool for a relaxing massage. They can be used to apply pressure to specific points on the body, helping to release tension and reduce pain. The selenite wand's high-frequency vibrations help to clear blocked energy and promote relaxation, making it an ideal tool for those looking to unwind and reduce stress.

Discover the beauty and benefits of selenite crystal wands!

The wand's inherent properties also help to soothe anxiety and tension, allowing the mind and body to relax more deeply. The selenite wand can also be used in combination with massage oils to enhance the massage experience and promote healing. The use of selenite wands in massage is an excellent way to boost the body's natural healing processes, promoting a sense of well-being and helping to restore balance to the mind and body. Overall, incorporating selenite wands into your massage practice can help to provide a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


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Himalayan Glow Selenite Crystals Wands, 2 Wands with Single Massage Stick – 3 Count

Himalayan Glow Selenite Crystals Wands, 2 Wands with Single Massage Stick – 3 Count